Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Entrepreneur Mouse - Part 1

Mynee Mouse, as the name says was a mouse that lived in Fammyland. Mynee struggled from morning till night to find cheese to fill its stomach. The little mouse almost got trampled by a herd of elephants and also lost a bit of its tail to a hungry eagle, during its cheese hunts. Mynee’s quest started afresh everyday and it ended only in the night.

Fammyland’s mice sometimes had visitors from a far away land, Aalesia. Aalesia’s mice spoke about the abundant, delicious, flavorful cheese from their land, which grew on top of cheese trees. They rubbed their round tummies in satisfaction as they thought about the cheese from Aalesia. Mynee Mouse’s mouth watered every time it heard about Aalesia’s cheese.

Mynee Mouse wanted to go to the land of cheese, Aalesia. It was tired of the day to day struggle to gather the cheese in Fammyland. The little mouse had many fears. It went to the grand old and wise owl, Sier to ask for his advice.

Sier spotted Mynee Mouse from a distance and said, ‘Oh Mynee, welcome! I haven’t seen you in a long time.’

Mynee replied, ‘Yes good old friend. I was busy hunting cheese.’

‘I came to know that it has become hard to find cheese these days’

‘Yes. Even if I find it, it is not sufficient for me. Too less cheese. Too less.’

‘Mynee, why don’t you go to Aalesia? I heard that place has cheese aplenty’

‘Yes good friend. I was thinking about it. I want to go to Aalesia, but I do not have the worms to travel.’

‘Work a little bit harder every day. You can gather enough cheese to buy worms to feed Maxi. Maxi will fly you to Aalesia’. (For the reader, Maxi is the crow who flew mice to and from Aalesia)

‘I am also worried about my family. How can I leave them here and go?’

‘Once you are in Aalesia, you can gather enough cheese to pay Maxi to fly your family to Aalesia.’

‘What if Aalesia is not as rosy as it seems. There could be dangerous creatures lurking around and they can eat me up.’

‘Now, now, Mynee, I know you are a brave and clever mouse.’ Sier said that and looked at Mynee’s chopped off tail. ‘You can figure out how to escape those dangerous creatures’.

‘Good friend, what if …’

Sier interrupted Mynee and said, ‘Listen, if something is important to you, you will find a way. If not you’ll find an excuse. Make progress or make excuses.’

Mynee Mouse thanked Sier for his advice. The next few months the mouse worked hard to gather that extra cheese for its flight. Mynee exchanged the cheese for a few succulent, freshly dead worms and took those worms to Maxi. Maxi gladly obliged to take Mynee to Aalesia. Off went the little mouse to Aalesia after it bade goodbye to its family.

To be continued tomorrow  ... 

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